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Giới thiệu Bộ 4 Dụng Cụ Sửa Chữa Đồng Hồ Đeo Tay Sakurabc

1. The oil cup is made of durable plastic. When you work on the watch, it can hold your watch oil.
2. The oil cup has three grooves of different sizes, allowing a small amount of oil to be contained, and it can be used accurately.
3. Simple design and convenient operation, open the lid, use and operate directly. Ideal for watch manufacturers and watch repairers.
4. Oil pen is one of the necessary tools when repairing the watch. There are four different sizes, suitable for different parts, and increase the service life of the watch.
5. Light weight and in small size, easy to store and carry, perfect for home and professional use.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Watch Oiler
Material: Plastic
Purpose: In order to ensure the fluent operation between the gear and the parts, it is necessary to carry out some oil treatment to avoid dry grinding of the parts and ensure the service life of the watch. This oiler pen is a necessary tool, simple and easy to operate.
Usage: First, before applying the oil, make sure that each part and the board are clean. The remaining dirt must be cleaned up before the oiling operation can be performed, otherwise the effect after the oiling is greatly reduced.
Select the oil needle according to the amount of oil in different positions. Do not overdose when applying oil. Do not use the same oiler pen to apply different watch oils.

Package List:
1 x Oil Cup4 x Watch Oiler Pen

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