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1. Suitable for rotational type watch back cover, the two feet of the opener is short, thick and hard.
2. Steel material, long durable life, easy to store, anti ‑ aging, not easy to bend.
3. It is widely used to open the back cover of most watches on the market.
4. Great for watch repair workers, watchmakers to open watch back cases.
5. Exquisite workmanship, no scratching for precious watch surface.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Watch Back Case Opener
Material: Steel
Function: Opening watch back case 
1. Use a fixed base to fix the watch.
2. Adjust the distance between the two claws on the watch opener and the two grooves in front of the back cover.
3. Rotates the handle to adjust the lower steel teeth and the grooves under the rear cover.
4. Tighten the back cover and rotates counterclockwise (make sure to tighten the back cover, otherwise the back cover cannot be opened normally).
5. Installation is to tighten the back cover clockwise (before reinstalling the back cover, you can apply waterproof paste to increase the waterproof effect of the watch).

Before ordering, first make sure the distance between the diagonal grooves of the back cover to see if the watch opener is suitable for your watch.
Distance Between the Two Feet:
Widest: Approx. 52mm / 2.05in between the back cover
Narrowest: Approx. 10mm / 0.39in between the back cover

Package List:
1 x Watch Case Opener 

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