Đồng hồ báo thức điện tử cỡ nhỏ âm thanh siêu lớn 100db thích hợp cho ngủ

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Giới thiệu Đồng hồ báo thức điện tử cỡ nhỏ âm thanh siêu lớn 100db thích hợp cho ngủ

--The design is simple and elegant, full LED mirror screen, high-end atmosphere, the appearance adopts the game pattern technology, and the hand feels comfortable. It is suitable for bedroom, living room, study, and outdoor use (customers can install 4 3A batteries and can take them outdoors). It can be well integrated into various use environments without being obtrusive.
--42 high-quality LED lamp beads, which can be adjusted to 6 levels of brightness, and can be adjusted to the best brightness in different use environments.
--Support 12 hours 24 hours one-key switch.
-Touch the alarm clock snooze function (after the alarm clock rings, you only need to swipe your finger across the top of the alarm clock to snooze for 5 minutes. Press and hold the alarm key to turn off the alarm, and you need to restart it by pressing the alarm key. )
--Support fast charging, two USB charging ports, output power of 5v 2A, can quickly charge two devices at the same time. (When using the battery, only the alarm clock can be powered, and fast charging is not supported)
--Dual power supply working mode: 4XAAA battery or external 5V power supply (not equipped with power supply, only wiring) (battery can be used for business trips, and electricity can be plugged in at home), in the state of external power supply, the 3A battery is in sleep mode, no alarm clock powered by.
--65-100dB large buzzer alarms, suitable for sleeping people and people with hard of hearing.
Product net weight: 100 grams
Product size: length 12.8*6.6*3.5MM
Screen size: 5 inches
Power input voltage: 5V 2A USB output 5V 2A
Alarm duration: 5 minutes / snooze time 5 minutes
Package Included:
1*USB charging cable
1*English manual
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