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Giới thiệu Dụng Cụ Mở Nắp Hộp Đồng Hồ


Makes screw-on watch back removal easy

Soft, pliable design protects watch from scratches

Novative tool, makes you open the watch in an easy, precise, and safe way for any but the most difficult waterproof casebacks.

It's smart design allows it to fit and evenly grip the surface, giving it more strength yet never scratching your watch. Easy to use; simply squeeze, press, then turn.

What Would This Fix?

What can't this creative tool fix is a better question!This opener is made of durable, tacky rubber and makes opening even the most stubborn screw-on case backs easy. Just squeeze, press and turn! Conforming evenly and firmly to a variety of watch sizes and surfaces, the ball enables you to safely and effectively remove the back without damaging the watch. Makes a great edition to any watchmaker or hobbyists toolkit!


Weight: About 40g

Material: Rubber

Diameter : Approx. 8cm/3.5"


This is a tool, not a toy ball (maybe you can make it as a tool and a toy), only use to open the Screwthread watch back case .

Package Content:

1 x watch case opener
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