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1. The watch demagnetizer is a practical tools for watch repairing workers.
2. Mechanical watches are inevitably magnetized, and lead to inaccurate travel time. A watch demagnetizer can help solve the problem.
3. Used to demagnetize your mechanical watches and correct the time, keeping your watch function well.
4. Lightweight and compact, very convenient to carry and storage. And is safe and handy to use.
5. Professional watch repair accessories, give you a satisfactory experience.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Watch Demagnetizer
Material: Plastic
Purpose: Watch demagnetization device
Plug: CN Plug 250V
1. Plug it in
2. Put the magnetized watch or part on the upper part of 2-3cm away from the demagnetization area, hold down the red button with your finger, and let the item turn up, down, left and right on the demagnetizer for several times, and demagnetizing each part for about 5 to 10 seconds.Then release the button and degaussing is completed by unplugging the power.
3. Under normal circumstances 1 to 3 times to complete the demagnetization, must not have the watch has been eliminated, a good interval of 1 hour or the following day to eliminate.

Package List:
1 x Watch Demagnetizer

1. Do not put the watch directly on the demagnetization above, must be suspended above
2. Do not press the red button all the time to avoid burning the instrument.
3. Dear customer, Please rest assured to buy without worrying about the plug adaption. We will provide an adapter for you according to different country standard and ensures its normal use.

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